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I know I'm ranting, but...

The bit behind the cut is mostly for my own purposes, cos I'm a scatterbrain and I like lists.
However, I wouldn't object to any comments. In fact, I encourage them; I like opinions...for the most part. so...!

I ship it...Collapse )

So, whom do you ship?

I realize that with the Korean names I may have mixed romanization methods, but kiss my ass. If you happen to notice any weird spellings or words that don't make sense, then blame autocorrect; I'm using a tablet and don't have the patience to continually backspace when autocorrect decides to be pedantic. m(_ _ m)

Oh, and I hear a pack of coyotes. With any luck , they'll devour me and save me from boredom. (I'm sitting outside...) Also...one of my cats--kitten, really--named Psycho, is chasing his tail and has been for nearly twenty minutes. He's mad crazy (he's not called psycho for nothing) and has a small head, but he's still adorable. xD
Basil (not pronounced the way most Americans do, but the way the British do) is staring at me, Squirrely is looking at Psycho like he's crazy (hah, he is!), and there's a rogue mama cat' that had her kittens on our patio...she's nosing around the grill. ugh, my allergies are going haywire. Plus, I swear a phone has been ringing in the neighbor's house for 15 minutes...and he moved out two days ago...but the porch light is still on. (Maybe he didn't really move and he's just in there...dead. >>;;;;;)

A bug just flew into my eye...!




The subject says it all and the icon describes my personality.

And this is what I'd really like to tell my mum right now:


The US has gone to Hell in a handbasket...

Guess what?
I'm moving! My whole family is...

And there's nothing joyful about it. Because guess what. We now have the privilege of joining the masses whom have had foreclosure thrust upon them. Yes, that's right; we couldn't pay the mortgage so the bank jerked our home out from under us. (Interesting fact: 1 in every 637 homes was foreclosed upon in February 2012--1 in every 204 the 37328 zip was foreclosed on [Seven that I know of...with more in preforeclosure, atm.])

No, we weren't frivolous spenders. We didn't spend extra on luxuries. We didn't spend money we didn't have (no credit cards or store credit, kthx). And we don't even drive decent, newer cars--all of them were at least 15 years old.
Sadly, it was a choice of either eating and putting gas in the car so my stepdad could get to work and keep his job...or paying the mortgage. Yeah, we chose the food. The mortgage lenders seem to think we're bad people because we wanted to eat...well, fuck them; I hope they're in our shoes one day and get to feel what it's like to have to make that choice.

So, now we have to find a place to live...No idea how long we have left in this house because we were NEVER notified of the foreclosure, so we don't know when it took effect. We only know now because on Saturday some woman (rude as could be) stopped by and wanted to know when we were moving out 'cause she might want to buy the place. (...she works for a bank, btw) WTF.

Maybe the next time I update this thing I won't have joined the growing number of homeless people in the US...but then again, my next update could come from wi-fi use at the local McDonald's.


That's what I do--Run. All the time, from almost everything.
I'm foolish for that, I know.

My cat, Bowie, died last week. I was sad, but now I feel mostly...empty. My only escape is Netfilx with its Doctor Who episodes and Black Butler episodes. Sleep only seems to come with medicine that I have to take too much of to rest; I should really stop that, but I don't know how.

My back still hurts from the surgery I had last month and I honestly hate wearing a brace. It blows.

I'm still willing to escape via RP, but no one seems to be online when I am anymore. Ah, well...
-taps on people's monitors from the inside- I'm in here...somewhere--in the wire--if you're willing to play.
I'm willing to be nearly anyone, but I prefer:
Uchiha Itachi
Ciel Phantomhive
Uchiha Sasuke
the tenth Doctor (Rude and not ginger.)
Amane Misa (Oh, no! I'm a girl!)
the eleventh Doctor (Still not ginger.)
...and whoever fulfills my whimsy, thanks.
(Comment here or contact me by one of the means listed on my profile if interested, please.)

And, dear Jacks, your profile says to call you Jack; so, for now I shall call you Capt. Jack, because you like so many pretty faces.

Apr. 28th, 2011

Oh, man. Today was crazy.

It all started with being awakened at 6 AM, because a tornado had just plowed through part of Fayetteville and my mother was in a panic. Why? Because my stepdad had just barely made it to work and my stepbrother was still driving to work...and he called her in a panic himself saying "fuck this shit, I'm going back home". What a way to start the day!

Spent the next couple of hours watching the local channels so we could keep tabs on the weather, cuz tornadoes were popping up left, right, and center. However, around 9 AM I decided I needed to make a cigarette run and headed toward my room to get dressed (my room's the attic, btw). My fat ass cat, Bowie, was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and would NOT move, staring intently at something behind the door...I couldn't get him to move, so I thought that maybe he had cornered a mouse or there was a really interesting bug back there. Hahaha. If only. @_@
I slowly closed the door, because I wanted to find out what was so damn captivating. It's a good thing I was being cautious! Know why? There was a small rattlesnake behind the door! ._.;;; And so began the adventure of doing away with it.
Mum ran to the shed to get a shovel (so she could chop its head off) while I stood guard to make sure it didn't go anywhere and that my nephew stayed in the living room. Unfortunately, the snake was all coiled up and she couldn't get to its head, so she ended up slamming the shovel into its midsection. Of course that only pissed the snake off and it went into attack mode, biting at the air, itself, the shovel--venom flying everywhere. For some reason my mum calls my stepdad, panicking, but I dunno why she called him 'cause he was at work and couldn't do anything.
Start me (or not so smart) went and grabbed an axe to do the job...the only problem was that I had grabbed the ultra heavy axe used for splitting wood, not the lighter one used for chopping. I decapitated it, but now there is snake blood on the carpet and I need to get a steam cleaner. Oh, and I fucked my back up when I hefted the axe...about an hour after the snake adventure my back was hurting so badly that I couldn't find any position to sit or lie in that wasn't painful. And I could hardly walk. I took two Percocet and even that didn't help...So, my mum said she'd take me to the hospital ('cause that's what my doctor said) just as soon as the weather cleared up and it was safe to drive.

There were dozens of tornadoes today, along with gale force winds, giant fucking hail, and flooding rains--there's a lake in our backyard now...the water's almost up to our house. Nearly got hit by six of those tornadoes, two went directly over the small mountain behind our backyard. So, I'd say we really dodged several bullets there. But, damn...SO much rain!! Nearly all the roads out where I live are flooded and nearly impassable.
Oh, and most of the Tennessee Valley is without electricity (not Lincoln county though) and will be for a few days, so as far as I know the only functioning Wal-Mart and grocery store for about 75 miles is located in Fayetteville. Meaning it's going to be raided in a few hours by people stocking up on anything that won't go bad while their power is out. Any business not backed up by a generator will be closed for awhile, which means a shit ton of gas stations won't operate. Major suckage.

I finally got to go to the hospital around 7 PM and had to wait forever, 'cause they were running on a generator, so productivity was slowed down. I did, however, get a nice shot of synthetic morphine and a muscle relaxer...got a script for them, too, so tomorrow (later today) I need to go to Fayetteville and get them filled....and brave Wal-Mart and the horde of people there. Yikes.

Fuck. I wanna shoot something(one). I hate it when people take my shit and claim it as their own and think I'll never find out. Really, people?
Honestly, I may not know your real name, but I can still bug the shit out of you for it. Isn't the the online world amazing? 

Also, I seriously hate it when people assume schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) are the same thing.  They aren't! Ugh.

Finally, no more watching episodes (or reading fanfiction) of Doctor Who with Weeping Angels in them before sleep...it's unhealthy. For some reason, I end up dreaming about them and I always remember it...Weeping Angels are creepy. @_@;;;
-shoves people toward this fanfic with Weeping Angels- >>; www.fanfiction.net/s/6491523/1/Angels_in_the_Garden

Mar. 20th, 2011

Dearest Brother,
       The next time your pr0n-filled laptop decides it can no longer find a bootable device, please check everything carefully before you send your son to bug me about creating a boot disk for you.  Pay attention to the monitor when you try to boot the thing. Read the codes and all the other shit that pops up.

       Your HDD was unplugged, ass.

       Please, the next time you decide to monkey around with computer hardware, make sure it's screwed back in and the cover is replaced so that it cannot be jostled out. If you can't find the cover, then find some electrical tape--you don't need any scissors either, so that's one more thing you don't have to worry about  finding.

       Lucky for you I can read and have electrical tape. That's five minutes of my life I can never get back, thank you. You owe me, again.

       Don't act like a |\|008.

Your Much More Intelligent and (apparently) Observant Sister
Haha. My Gaia avatar is now a little Nuclear Lolita. -giggle fit- She has a nuclear reactor in meltdown phase on her head. And she's standing in the middle of a blazing, toxic goo-covered Tokyo...which was incidentally flattened by her Godzilla-sized self. >:3

Call me heartless if you want. It's not that I don't care, because I really do! ...I can just make light of things.

It's not great, but I worked with what I had and what I could afford on short notice. I was afraid my moment of "inspiration" would go poof if I tried to find better stuff. ._.'

I want to yell at people(stepdad) and tell them(him), "HEY IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! IT'S NOT ARMAGEDDON!! GET OVER IT, YOU UNEDUCATED BACKWOODS HICK(s)!" But I'd probably be thrown out of the South(house) for that. =/


I'm out of Percocet, my head hurts, my back aches, left-side sciatic nerve is killing me, I have a fever, allergies are acting up, I can't type my way out of a soaked paper sack, no one is online, I ran out of shit to read, I'm tired of hearing about the "nuclear crisis" in Japan, I want to put my head through a wall, would loveLoveLOVE to toss my stepfather in a sink hole, my car's a P.O.S (Franken-Car!), the attic stairs suck, I hateHateHATE cleaning, I'm losing my mind, most people suck, I want to glue my nephew to the floor and tape his mouth shut, and...


Who wants to talk to me? /sarcasm -_- -shoots self...srsly-